Daily Blog

Day 1

Well it’s 28th of December and 2017 is coming to an end what great things will happen now well keep up with me and find out.

Day 2

Well today wasn’t that much it was a normal day. For lunch we had Pei-Way and that was good. And after me and my family went swimming at Dimple Dell. that was the day today.



Asthma is a none contagious disease ¬†that is passed down through most likely DNA which obviously is from your ancestors. It also cause breathing to be difficult. A medicine called albuterol. Albuterol is a type of medicine that helps open up your lungs to help you breath. There’s another way to take the albuterol through a machine called the nebulizer basically you turn on the machine and just let the air of the medicine flow.

Food Allergies

This is the post excerpt.

My name is William and I have food allergies along with Asthma. Of course, different allergens give different symptoms such as hives, wheezing, and itching is all I’ve noticed so far. For me hives form when wheat has been put in my system hives can be very annoying to have specifically because they itch. Wheezing usually happens when a small bit of wheat is in my system another way for wheezing to be triggered is the allergen of nut. Now wheezing is when you cough but the cough doesn’t go away it can get worse if you have Asthma which I will talk about another time. Now itching usually happens to me when I have soy which causes itching on the tongue which can be extremely annoying. This happened to me once I was at Cub Country which is a camp for cub scouts and there was a little shop were they were selling candy. I was eight at the time so I saw this pack of gum and my scout leader she asks me, “Are you allowed to have this?” I responded, “Yes I can.” Me being eight and being careless I ate gum without looking at the ingredients and on the back it said “Contains Soy.” ¬†Luckily my mom had packed me some benadryl which helps but makes you tiered. No doubt, there are other things that can help with allergens like an Epi-Pen short for epinephrine. This helps me with my wheat allergy. There are a lot of foods I can’t have it doesn’t mean i’m gonna give up it means I am going to keep fighting for my life and someday even a cure.